Judge Accused of Helping a Criminal Illegal Alien Escape While ICE Waited Outside


Daily Mail reports that a judge in Oregon helped a criminal illegal alien escape ICE according to accusations made by U.S. Attorney Billy Williams.

Diddlier Pacheco Salazar, 22 was convicted in an Oregon court of DUI. The Mexican national is in the country illegally. Two weeks ago, he was arrested by agents when he returned to court to plead guilty. The judge in his case Monica Herranz, who is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association, is accused of helping him sneak out the back door of a Multnomah Country Court while ICE agents waited outside.

Judge Herranz knew they were waiting for Salazar.

Herranz is under internal investigation.

Every courtroom in the Multnomah County Circuit Court has three doors – one for the public, a private judge entrance and one for inmates to be brought in from jail.

Williams told KOIN the only explanation was that Herranz – who is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association – or a member of her staff helped Salazar to leave through another door.

ICE agents brought the matter to Williams after the incident allowed Salazar to evade the immigration officials. They decided to not follow a criminal investigation.

The question I have is why she isn’t arrested? If guilty, she clearly broke the law. She committed a crime and it is not simply a case of a violation of her responsibilities as an officer of the court.

Shall we wait until he runs over someone? Will this judge bear responsibility for his actions.

This is what a sanctuary city is – lawless. Anyone can decide what the law is depending on that person’s ideology or emotions.

There is one other question here. ICE is going after felons and they wanted him. What else has he done?


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