Third World Immigrant Wants to Deport White Americans


Clown World Hits a New Low

The United States can’t survive with the DEI crazies coming into this country. The third-world immigrant in the clip below wants to deport white people in the United States. She thinks white people are criminal illegals. Settlers are not illegal aliens. White immigrants who come legally are allowed to be here.

The Palestinian woman thinks white people are illegal and criminal because they’re white. That makes her perfect for Biden’s clown world.

People are coming here for countries you haven’t even heard of. They answered Biden’s call for the world to come in illegally. They are coming in enormous numbers. They aren’t grateful, and are mostly coming for the wrong reasons.

This morning Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels, was on the WABC radio filling in for Sid Rosenberg. He’s opposed to illegal immigration and went to Staten Island when he heard the basement of a church was going to be set up for a crowd of illegal aliens. Guarding the door were MS-13 and Black Lives Matter. They’ve joined forces.

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