Radio Genoa Creator Targeted by Rome Prosecutors


Antonio Mastantuono, the creator of a popular X page called Radio Genoa, is a target of Rome prosecutors. Mr. Mastantuono doesn’t like globalism and what is happening to his country. He’s being harassed and prosecuted by the Stasi for online sites he doesn’t own.

A community note on the post listed some alleged fake news he posted. I don’t know if the note was accurate, but it’s irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the investigation of Telegram channels that are unrelated to him.

They probably targeted him because they don’t like his posts.

The Post from Mr. Mastantuomo

My name is Antonio Mastantuono, and I am the creator and administrator of RadioGenoa. I gratefully acknowledge those who have stood by me morally and financially. Recently, the Rome Prosecutor’s Office sent the Carabinieri from the Operations Unit to search my house and seize my computer equipment.

They accused me of owning Telegram channels that spread hate speech. However, their search yielded no incriminating evidence in my home or on my computer systems. The only Telegram channel they found was the one belonging to RadioGenoa, which is not under investigation. There is no evidence against me because I do not own the Telegram channels under investigation. Despite this, they confiscated my PC, iPad, phone sim, Google account, and a channel named X @RadioGenoa.

Additionally, I was reported for inciting hatred on X @RadioGenoa, but these accusations are unfounded as I have only published real videos with factual descriptions. The reality is that they are trying to silence me because I speak uncomfortable truths that go against the dominant narrative. However, free speech is my right, and I will continue to exercise it.

Furthermore, some individuals have threatened me and published my personal data and information about my family in an attempt to intimidate me. Despite their efforts, I remain unafraid. I am resolved to report these individuals, including Dutch TV, and I will not show them any mercy.

What happened to me could happen to anyone, and that’s why it’s crucial to defend freedom of speech at all costs. My lawyer has already requested to be heard at the Rome prosecutor’s office, and I am confident that I will be able to clarify everything and rectify this serious mistake.

This is going on throughout the West to anyone who speaks against the narrative.

Here is a sample of some of his posts:

He has a legal defense fund.

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