Cosby Verdict Doesn’t Bode Well for Harvey Weinstein


Cosby was convicted of three charges of drugging and assaulting Andrea Costand 12 years ago. A previous trial on the matter had resulted in a hung jury. Prosecutors then brought the case again and have now gotten a conviction on all counts

The jury was made up of seven men and five women.

Each charge carries 10 years in prison and $25,000 per charge. America’s dad is a convicted felon. He faces life in prison because he is 80 years old.

It is odd that the New York courts are releasing cop killers, one because he is 73 years of age, but they want to put this 80-year old in prison despite his age. The cop killers deserve at least life in prison.

Cosby was once the most popular entertainer in America.

He was convicted in Pennsylvania of a 12-year old rape.

Five prior bad acts were admitted into evidence by the judge — that will be cause for appeal.

At his sentencing, anyone who is a possible victim [not adjudicated] will likely be allowed to speak. That’s a bit unconstitutional perhaps.

It’s quite a downfall for the lovable Dr. Huxtable.

Over 50 women have similar complaints about Cosby as Ms. Constand who had won a court settlement. All cases were years ago, some dating back to the 1960s.

The case he stood trial for is the only one that bore criminal charges. It is the only one that did not exceed the statute of limitations. In Pennsylvania — where the criminal charges against Cosby were brought — the statute of limitations for rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse is 12 years.

Constand reported the assault to police in 2005, a year after she says the incident occurred, but prosecutors initially said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Cosby and declined to bring charges. The case was reopened last year because new evidence came to light when the records from a previously-sealed civil suit against Cosby were released, making public a deposition in which Cosby admitted to giving quaaludes to women to seduce them.

The prosecutor Kristen Feden told the jury that Cosby was not the kind and lovable person he appears to be.

Harvey Weinstein has roughly the same number of women complaining about him but there is physical evidence in his case in the form of tapes. And there could be more.

Weinstein doesn’t even appear to be lovable and kindly. He’s in big trouble.

The New York prosecutor’s office is building a case and there appears to be one in LA as well.

So, Weinstein next?

It’s not only Weinstein. A slew of others were recently brought down, including Kevin Spacey.

Hollywood knew what scum Harvey was but they loved him. Meryl Streep said he was a god.

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5 years ago

I believe that Bill Cosby was set up because he had planned to purchase CBS and the establishment wasn’t comfortable with it.