This is a very nice protest! Hair dryer rally at Nancy’s house


This is a very nice protest. Frustrated salon clients who want shops opened showed up at Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco house in a hairdryer protest. They hung dryers, blow dryers, and other equipment on a tree outside her house to send a message.

Speaker Pelosi was just busted breaking the rules and getting her hair done in a closed shop without a mask! Then she lied and claimed she was set up by the salon owner who is a frustrated owner going bankrupt.

Some of the protesters wore rollers in their hair.

Another clip of the protest shared by the San Francisco Chronicle shows a demonstrator telling the group, …”To gather, to make sure everybody has an opportunity to earn a living and feed their families.” The women then cheer and another adds, “The government needs to stay out of it.”

Oh, who doesn’t agree with that?

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