Fox reports that they heard the same gossip The Atlantic is spreading around


Several current and former Trump administration officials have denied the reporting in The Atlantic. If you haven’t heard, four anonymous sources gave The Atlantic some quotes allegedly from the President insulting our troops and our war dead.

Nearly a dozen current and former Trump administration officials disputed the story. One, notably, was John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor who says he will not vote for Trump. “I was there,” he said, and “I didn’t hear that.

Jennifer Griffin said Friday, “I’ve spoken with two U.S. senior officials who were on the trip to France who confirmed to me key details in the Atlantic article and the quotes attributed to the president.”

One of those sources is a former Trump administration official who apparently told Griffin that Trump said of Vietnam, “It was a stupid war. Anyone that went was a sucker.”

“The president would say about American veterans, ‘What’s in it for them? They don’t make any money.’

The source said, ‘It was a character flaw of the President: he could not understand why someone would die for their country, not worth it.’

That is an opinion.

First of all, the Vietnam War wasn’t a good war. We lost tens of thousands of Americans.

Secondly, there is no evidence that President Trump would call any of the soldiers ‘suckers.’ Most of the soldiers had no choice but to go. They were drafted. No one willing to serve his/her country is a sucker and President Trump knows that.

Third, the so-called anonymous sources are cowards. Why should we believe them?

Regarding the French trip to mark the end of WWI, according to this former official, Griffin said, the president was not in a good mood. French President Macron had said something that made him mad, he questioned why he had to go to two cemeteries. ‘Why do I have to do two?’ His staff explained he could cancel, but he was warned they — they press — are going to kill you for this. The president was mad as a hornet when they did, according to this source.”

This is gossip as is the first claim.

What we have so far is gossip from people in the shadows. We waste so much time analyzing this crap thrown out into space by some anonymous jackass cowards.

This is what Bolton said about it:

Griffin reports the gossip:

All the media, including Fox News, is all in on the gossip, and they are all acting as if it were factual.

We don’t have one bit of proof. And, why is this coming out now, 60 days before the election? Interesting timing.




  1. First of all, many at Fox would likely go to CNN, like some have before, if they were hiring, namely this Jennifer, Sandra Smith and Marsha. I noticed Sandra was excited as could be about Biden and some remark he had made.

    On this:

    “The president would say about American veterans, ‘What’s in it for them? They don’t make any money.’

    I have actually heard him make these type of statements. But it was in NO WAY disparaging. It was said in the context of admiration for their sacrifice because so few are willing. I note that it says “former officials”. Well, is one of them Vindman. There has been a Great Many traitors in this Administration. And I do mean traitors. Anyone who is in Government and works against the President goes far beyond insubordinate.

    • Any body with a “shred of intelligence” knows what “anonymous sources” mean when they are “quoted” by the Main sewer Stream fake Media…the once proud establishments like the Guardian, WaPo, NYT, etc., have ALL denigrated themselves in this connection and their relevancy is now less than the National Enquirer…they are offering up “nothing burgers” with a side of horse shit…

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