Pathetic! MSM questions Slow Joe, sort of


Reporters questioning of Joe Biden and Donald Trump today reached a new low. Joe was asked idiotic, softball questions while President Trump was grilled. President Trump called the questions asked of Joe something you’d ask a child.

How reporters can get up before the world for major news organizations and ask questions like this is unfathomable. The thing that is most annoying is that’s what they think of our intelligence.

MJ Lee of CNN told Slow Joe that Trump made fun of him for wearing a mask, adding that the masks are scientifically proved to be vital or something. Then she asked Biden what he thought.


Actually, Trump mocked him for letting the mask dangle off his ear like this:

And what about his bandito mask:

Following is the answer to the question of China. He laughed and gave a non-answer. No one follows up on his ridiculous answers. They just let him get away with it:

CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe shamelessly bought into the fake news story that Trump wants his voters to vote twice:

Is CBS still a major news network?

Then the numbskull fake reporter asked Slow Joe why he isn’t angrier:

A reporter from the Atlantic, Edward-Isaac Dovere, referencing his own magazine’s bogus story asked Biden what it tells us about Trump’s soul:

Why not just say, do you think Trump is the devil?

Dovere actually asked Biden about the faux story about QAnon. Joe says he’s a big believer in mental health. [Personally, I’m a big believer in help for the senile and age limits on senile presidential candidates]


A fake news ABC News reporter also claimed the President told his supporters to vote twice. Joe is concerned about that and Russia and that’s why he doesn’t talk about it much.

Even Chris Stirewalt scorched the reporters’ idiot questions:

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