This Is Bloomberg’s plan to put socialist Democrats in the WH in 2020


If Bloomberg doesn’t win, he plans to back the socialist Democrat candidate who does win with something far more valuable than money per se [we don’t pull punches anymore, Democrats are socialists and communists]. He is building a huge network throughout the country that he will turn over to whoever wins the Democrat primary.

His plan is to do for the country what he has done for Virginia, buy the elections, and put his brand of fascism in place. You won’t have guns. You won’t even have Big Gulps or sugar to satisfy your cravings. But there is always pot. Bloomberg hopes to keep us stoned.

He poured $200 million into his own campaign so far and plans to spend a lot more. He is building a nationwide, state by state network that he will turn over to the socialist Democrat candidate who wins if he doesn’t.


Bloomberg is building a vast machine with an army of political operatives.

NBC reported, “Bloomberg is wasting no time building out his campaign’s ground game, with 500 organizers and staff in more than 30 states, including all 14 of the delegate-rich Super Tuesday states, his campaign told NBC News.

“The ramp-up — both in staff and in spending on TV ads — has been quick. Just six weeks after he announced his candidacy, the former mayor of New York now boasts more than 800 staffers on his payroll and over $100 million spent on advertising.

“The roughly 300 staffers working in the campaign’s New York headquarters are set to move into a new building in Times Square to accommodate their burgeoning ranks, aides said.

“The Super Tuesday staffing, which puts grassroots leadership teams and organizers in all the March contest states, as well as in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which vote in April, solidifies Bloomberg as having the largest organization in the field after the four early-voting states in February.”


Little Michael is building a big behemoth and its tentacles will reach out into every state where his far-left operatives will make contacts, promises, and build relationships.

Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman told NBC, “Every other campaign is going to have to throw their field organizers from an early state to a Super Tuesday state and just kind of hope it works out.

“By putting people in the states so early, Bloomberg will be able to quietly build an infrastructure and relationships while no one else is paying attention” or as other candidates lack the resources to do it.”

He’s open to spending $1 billion to defeat the President with any Democrat candidate.

It’s been a mystery as to how Bloomberg thought he’d win outside of New York. It’s not even clear that he could win New York. We think he isn’t as concerned about winning as he is about the big picture. He wants to set up the socialist Democrats for a win. If they win, it’s likely forever. We will have a one-party country and we can all be California and New York.


Let’s not forget what little Michael said about Red China. It gives one a nice peek into how he thinks.

“They listen to the public…Xi Jinping isn’t a dictator,” insists far-left Michael. He’s very dangerous.

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