This Is Who the DOJ Inexplicably Put in Charge of Fixing Their FISA Mess


The person who will be in charge of fixing all those “mistakes” in the FISA process is an FBI apologist who suggests putting Devin Nunes in prison for his revelations of FBI perfidy.

Yesterday, in a letter made public from FBI Director Christopher Wray to the FISA court, Wray said he “deeply regrets” the “errors” and “omissions” in the FISA warrant on Carter Page. His letter included a list of steps to fix the problem. They want you to believe it is only a problem of “mistakes,” not deliberate mischief or worse.

Now we find out who is in charge of fixing it, and it is inexplicably offensive.

Rep. Devin Nunes, who uncovered the FISA abuse tweeted a Daily Caller article about the fixer with the comment, “You can’t make this up… FISA Court must be trying to abolish itself…”

The DOJ picked David Lawfare Kris.

Actually, it’s only inexplicable if you still have any faith in the FBI and the DOJ. This is an in-your-face insult to half the country. The brazen affront is not meant to be subtle.


On Friday, the DOJ picked former DOJ official David Lawfare Kris to oversee the FBI’s reforms of the FISA warrant procedures. This appointment comes after we all saw what the DOJ/FBI did to spy on the Trump campaign via Carter Page.

Kris is a pundit on a mission to defend the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page. He also criticized Republicans for suggesting the FBI misled the court. The former DOJ official even suggested Rep. Nunes should face obstruction of justice charges.

We know the Devin Nunes memo about the FISA abuse was accurate. It vindicated Devin Nunes. What the Inspector General didn’t support was the idea that it was deliberate, as did Nunes and at least half of America.

The lawfare blog is out of the far-left Brookings Institute. It’s one-sided. That’s where David Kris chose to write this:

“The central irony of the memo prepared by House intelligence chairman Devin Nunes, we now know, is that it tried to deceive the American people in precisely the same way that it falsely accused the FBI of deceiving the FISA Court. The key question going forward is whether the memo’s authors and sponsors will face any consequences for their dishonesty. If not, we can expect to see more of the same, with potentially dire results.”

He also thinks we should give up our fantasies about expecting an accountable government:

“2. It’s even more disturbing that a purported oversight memo would withhold key facts from the American people in accusing the government of withholding key facts from the court. Had the FBI done in its FISA applications what Nunes did in his memo, heads would have rolled on Pennsylvania Avenue. The court itself, as well as both intelligence committees, several inspectors general, and the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, all could have brought their shillelaghs to bear. The court, in particular, has done so once before, when it was dissatisfied with the candor of an FBI agent.” [emboldened is ours]

Then he laments the role of Devin Nunes. Perhaps prison for obstruction of justice is an option:

“Congressional oversight is a critically important function, but who watches the watchers? There are only two meaningful overseers for Nunes himself: House Speaker Paul Ryan and the voters of California’s 22nd district. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have urged Ryan to remove Nunes from his role on the House Intelligence Committee. Don’t hold your breath. As for the voters, time will tell, but Nunes won his last election by a wide margin.”

“Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe and others believe that Nunes might be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, despite the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause. If so, a third overseer, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, might also get involved.”

An FBI apologist and Nunes hater will straighten out the FBI’s FISA problem

You vill believe there is no bias, and the bureaucrats are not conspiring!

No political bias?

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3 years ago

Why is this surprising? The deep state always protects itself.

marty lopez
3 years ago

Starting from where we are now, ( so please no academic, or philosophical evaluations on the purest form of conservatism, or the Founding Father’s vision of democracy) the most important thing President Trump can do for America is to pursue this malignancy of self serving corruption, this abusive governmental, ideologically prejudiced bureaucracy controlled and manipulated by insiders. These high ranking officials must be brought to justice. Each and every person who partook in the various plots, schemes and conspiracies, or failed to stand up in opposition and file formal protest must be exposed and punished where applicable and fully as prescribed by law.

The President must not allow Barr and Durham to hide behind just enough, to tie off culpability for purposes of civil and political stability. If Obama is where the ultimate accountability lies and who believes he isn’t, then he must be exposed, disgraced and adjudicated before law. If Hillary is guilty of wrong doing and who would deny she isn’t guilty of selling influence, her office, the security and interests of America, she too must be exposed and brought before the law.

Collateral damage to all those involved with her isn’t to be construed as damage to America. Their tragedies, the financial set backs to their interests and causes are stories of personal, moral and legal failures quite insufficient to the prevention of the restoration and redemption of our body politic. The president must understand everything hangs on his recognition of just how life threatening all this is, was and remains to our republic. This cancer must be expunged from our body politic.

Assuming the very best of human nature, which is always a mistake doesn’t absolve the likes of Pelosi and Schumer, Nadler and Schiff. They have well known and understood the severity of both the corruption and the damage to the republic. Over the course of their careers they choose personal advancement, self aggrandizement and self interest over honor, honesty and duty. They were and remain fully vested as they advanced and continue to advance the criminality, ongoing cover up and obstruction of justice. They are unworthy of any concern, pity, or professional deference.

3 years ago

Barr is as bad or worse than Sessions ever tried to be. He’s as corrupt as the rest of the deep state actors, just a better liar. Putting this Obama appointee in charge of the FISA Court investigation is as unbiased a move as putting Slo-Joe Biden in charge of the investigation into Barisma, a total sellout.

marty lopez
3 years ago

Kris’s job will be to assess the evidence, destroy as much of it as he can, mis-characterize, dismiss and obfuscate the rest. Same as Mueller’s Special Council did while making an additional 30 + million dollars.

3 years ago

They had to use Kris, Obama had prior engagements.