This Is How the Pentagon Responds to FOIA for an mRNA Exemption


Air Force Master Sgt. Nick Kupper is fighting for his right to refuse the Pentagon’s order to take experimental emergency use authorization mRNA shots. After serving 19 years, he is one year short of receiving his pension and might be forced out. His request for a religious exemption was swiftly denied.

He sought and received a temporary injunction.

Appealing through the proper channels, Master Sgt Kupper alleged that the Air Force violated protocol. They removed the chain of command from the mRNA mandate exemption process. He then filed an Inspector General complaint, which was swiftly denied. When they closed his case, their office said he had to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see their findings, reporter Jordan Schachtel said.

This is the relevant portion of the response he received this week to that FOIA.

Air Force Master Sgt. Kupper said many service members who do not want to take the vaccine feel alone and scared. “I have honestly been extremely fearful with the steep rise in suicides. I’ve seen across the DOD that some of these members may take their life waiting for it to do the right thing… which it may never do,” he said.

What do you think? They don’t have a case or don’t care what anyone thinks since they no longer have to? It will be hard to fight without information.

The Biden Department of Defense thinks little of Americans who served the country for 19 years.

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