This Is How the Swamp Stopped Sen. Lee’s Border Security Amendment


The swamp wanted to get the Omnibus passed during the lame duck session of Congress. An amendment by Sen. Mike Lee was holding it up. It also had a lot of support. The swampsters had to get home for the holidays, and they didn’t want border security.

In comes Senators Sinema and Tester to save the day. They came up with their own Trojan Horse amendment. And that was the end of Rep. Lee’s amendment.

Elon Musk asked if it was true. Yes, it is true.

Rep. Lee wrote:

“An amendment by Sens Sinema and Tester is designed to ensure a porous border. A wolf in sheep’s clothing to mislead the American people to believe Dems are doing something to secure our borders. It merely provides them cover to vote against my extension of Title 42 protections.”

Their amendment required 60 votes. That was the end of that.

Before the Omnibus passed, Sen. Lee wrote:

Despite the certain influx of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and fentanyl over our southern border, the White House is pushing this plan. Shame on this president.

We all know how it ended. They passed the Omnibus without any border security, except for the border security the bill provides to Ukraine, Libya, Oman, and others.

That takes me to another poll Mr. Musk posted. He asked Twitter voters if they wanted the Omnibus passed. Overwhelmingly, they are opposed. Mr. Musk sent it to Chuck and Mitch. They know how Americans feel. They don’t care. We have Mitch out there telling us our number one concern is Ukraine. In contrast, we have an invasion on our border presenting a severe national security risk, while food is getting unaffordable. No one believes Ukraine is our number one concern.

Readers added context: Approximately 25% of Twitter’s traffic is from the US, and only 23% of US adults have accounts on Twitter.

That may be true, but when the scientific polls come out, we bet most Americans don’t want this thing.

Elon Musk is trolling the swamp critters, Mitch and Chuck. Good for Elon. He speaks for the people most of the time.

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