CCP’s TikTok Spied on Forbes Journalists, Followed Their IPs Around


An internal investigation by ByteDance, the parent company of video-sharing platform TikTok, found that employees monitored Forbes journalists’ physical location using their IP addresses.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise since TikTok spies on everyone.

They were looking for leaks that exposed China’s activities to journalists who then wrote unflattering stories about them. The CCP was merely doing what communists and Biden’s intelligence agencies do.

The China-based executive Song Ye, who Lepitak reported to and who reports directly to ByteDance CEO Rubo Liang, resigned, Forbes reports.

“I was deeply disappointed when I was notified of the situation… and I’m sure you feel the same,” Liang wrote in an internal email shared with Forbes. “The public trust that we have spent huge efforts building is going to be significantly undermined by the misconduct of a few individuals. … I believe this situation will serve as a lesson to us all.”

“It is standard practice for companies to have an internal audit group authorized to investigate code of conduct violations,” TikTok General Counsel Erich Andersen wrote in a second internal email shared with Forbes. “However, in this case, individuals misused their authority to obtain access to TikTok user data.”

That’s all very believable – not.

Forbes reported this information in October. It was old news in October. In 2019, Mike Pompeo, then-Secretary of State, made it clear that TikTok was tied to the Chinese Communist Party State Police. The TikTok parent company Byte Dance is a strategic partner of the State Police.

The Trump administration said that the Communist Party is using TikTok to collect data on Americans. Mike Pompeo, the then-Secretary of State, tried to ban it but the CCP allies in the US wouldn’t allow it. So, the communists continued to collect Americans’ data.


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