This Is How You Protect Gas Stations in Killadelphia


Neil Patel, the operator of a Karco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, hired Pennsylvania S.I.T.E Agents clad with Kevlar vests and AR-15s or shotguns.

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level,” Patel told FOX 29. “We are tired of this nonsense; robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs.”

Chief explains they need armed guards at gas stations in Killadelphia.

“We wear Kevlar; we are trained; my guards go to training every other week; they’re proficient with [their guns], and with their taser, they know the law,” Chief Andre Boyer said.

The security firm’s ex-cop leader insisted … the arsenal was needed because the City of Brotherly Love is fast … becoming the new “Wild Wild West” of “Killadelphia.”

Robberies in Philadelphia, home of the Continental Congress, have skyrocketed more than 36 percent in the last calendar year as the city contends with an ongoing crime crisis.

Founded by William Penn, the city is now run by far-left crazies who protect criminals with weak law enforcement and Marxist justice.

Karco gas station in Killadelphia, where it’s safe to get coffee and gas.

The final impetus for Mr. Patel was when his business was vandalized by young people, and an ATM machine was stolen. His car was also a casualty of crime around the area.


A fox poll has approval at 93% after an initial concern.

A reporter asked him about people concerned that he was sending the wrong message about guns since they have such a problem with guns.

“I listen to them, but according to some people, violent people, they carry the guns, they’re not afraid of them? This is the protection for the neighborhood and the customers,” Patel said.

What people have been made to believe is that guns are the problem. That’s not the case. Gangs, other criminals, and soft on crime policies are the problems.

Since hiring the guards, Patel claims his business has been free of loitering and other crime.

You’re not free if you need armed guards to get coffee and gas. Change your lousy leadership, Killadelphia. Wathc this interesting clip:

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