Tucker on the American Crisis


Tucker Carlson spoke with Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade this morning about the Twitter Files and the American crisis.

Elon Musk is releasing documents exposing the FBI’s manipulation of the media via Twitter and Facebook. The releases are now dubbed the Twitter Files.

Over the weekend, Jim Baker, a former FBI counsel, and Twitter official, reportedly went through the files to be handed over to reporters for review before release and possibly stripped FBI information from them. He was fired and escorted out of Twitter Friday. He did not have permission to go through the files. Mr. Musk confirmed that he might have deleted or hidden references to the FBI.

“And so if you find yourself in a place where the government is censoring political speech, if the ruling party is preventing criticism of itself, which is exactly what’s happening, then you know, you’re in a crisis,”

Ms. Earhardt asked Tucker about the files and if more of the onion had been peeled back.
Tucker responded:

“Well, this, this is the core of the onion,” Tucker Carlson replied. “This story is not about some private company deciding what language is safe or permitted and what’s not. It’s not content moderation…It’s censorship being overseen by the U.S. government, which is a crime.

“It’s a violation of the First Amendment…It’s the core freedom that we have, the freedom to say what we think is true. That’s why this country is different from every other country. It’s not our economy, you know, that — that is American exceptionalism is the First Amendment, period. That’s the foundation of all freedom.”

“And so if you find yourself in a place where the government is censoring political speech, if the ruling party is preventing criticism of itself, which is exactly what’s happening, then you know, you’re in a crisis,” Carlson continued. “And we are. So this — this — this, Jim Baker was, of course, General Counsel over at FBI, the very center of the Russiagate hoax and disaster, an attack on human rights. It’s the guy who…who tried to put Mike Flynn in jail for knowing too much. That’s not an overstatement.”

“He somehow winds up general counsel at Twitter, and now we find he — he wasn’t vetting the files, he was censoring the files, of course, to take out incriminating information about himself and the FBI,” he went on. “So this story is about the FBI; it’s not about Twitter. And it’s also about Facebook because we know that the FBI went to Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg told us that in the Joe Rogan interview, and said, ‘Whoa, be careful with this Hunter Biden laptop, it’s Russian.’ Well, of course, they knew it wasn’t because they’ve had possession of it since 2019.”

“This is not a complicated story; it’s very simple story. The FBI weighed in, in the last presidential election on behalf of Joe Biden, period,” Carlson added. “And we need to respond to that.”


There will be a release of information via reporter Bari Weiss. The first release of Twitter files went through reporter Matt Taibbi.

NY Post reporter Miranda Devine and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Elon Musk to release all the raw files in the interest of trust and transparency.

It is a crisis if the FBI is making us into a police state.

Yoel Roth had also implicated the FBI in 2020 in testimony to the FEC.

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5 months ago

As the proof comes out people are getting really mad. If the Government doesn’t start prosecuting these Traitors I fear we are looking at Civil War. Is Civil War really worth allowing a few hundred scumbags get away with Treason?

5 months ago

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

I do not know who Tucker thinks “we” are, or what response he expects. If “we” includes Faux News, it does not include me. We knew long ago the election was fixed in several ways, including this one. This story is about specific information on who was communicating between the propaganda operation twitter and the government. But clearly those are not 2 distinct entities. Tucker offers rhetoric only. The response from Faux News is to get ratings.

This all was preventable if Sessions and Barr had been honest people who followed their oaths instead of betraying the country. They let an obvious criminal (Baker) move onto the propaganda operation and rig the 2020 election. They had serious criminal evidence against Biden on their desk and hid it. This establishes them in addition to Baker as conspirators.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 months ago

Due to the MSM, there are still “stupidified” people out there, who actually are not “yet” indoctrinated, that support these despicable harlots….