This is some of what Dems want for the USA in $3.5T bill


Biden showed up at the White House to get his socialist human infrastructure bill passed. He urged House Democrats to consider a number lower than $3.5 trillion. However, he told the American people that the bill cost ZERO DOLLARS. So why reduce the number? Could he have been lying?

The Democrats’ radical $3.5 trillion spending bill also includes carefully selected gender-neutral language, referring to pregnant and birthing women as “individuals.”

Remember the good old days when Americans knew Bernie was a crazy communist and laughed at his ideas? Now he’s writing trillion-dollar bills that Democrats are ruthlessly trying to pass.
Bernie Sanders’ immigration plan:
  • Free healthcare for illegal aliens

  • Welfare & free college for illegals

  • Citizenship for 11M illegals

  • Stop deportation

  • Decriminalize border crossings

  • End detention for illegals

  • Climate migrants welcome

It’s open borders on steroids.

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