This Is the Latest on the Impeachment Trial & Fake ‘Evidence’


Reportedly, the GOP has dropped the motion to dismiss, which was included in the Clinton impeachment. The motion to dismiss could have come at any time, including after the initial arguments. Without that, it means the GOP is possibly going ahead with a full trial.

Conducting a full trial is absurd to many of us who followed the impeachment trial and know the case is based on a pretense.

However, there are four or more Republicans who won’t go for an early dismissal. It’s a political decision. There are other ways to dismiss, and hopefully, we won’t have to suffer a lengthy trial.


The entire case is based on a false interpretation of a transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

There is no first-hand evidence except that offered by President Zelensky and even Ambassador Sondland who said there was no quid pro quo. All the Democrats presented was hearsay from people who don’t like the President.

They are the Resistance, but unlike the Resistance in France, they are the Vichy government.

Statue of Pelosi

Democrats, who want to take down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, want to put up statues of the so-called Resistance ‘leaders’, including Nancy Pelosi, according to Conservative Resurgence. This is what Joseph Stalin would do.

Imagine having a statue of Pelosi instead of Jefferson?

We could model it after this pose:

The Resistance leaders are the people trying to unseat the President who won’t accept the results of the election.

As the Resistance pretends they are solemn, somber, and prayerful, they are clutching their golden pen souvenirs and laughing all the way to the nearest pub.

Does anyone believe these people are somber?


The Senate trial is a sorry joke of a partisan impeachment. Dishonest Adam Schiff is the lead for the Democrats. He’s a congenital liar. Pelosi and the House Democrats are bringing fake ‘evidence’ in beyond the deadline and using sleazy, sketchy witnesses to expound on this new hearsay ‘evidence.’ It’s a disgusting mess. There is nothing serious or somber about any of this.

Listen to Nancy say facts don’t matter. It’s cringeworthy. These people are stepping all over our rule of law and our decades-long system of justice.

It’s not about proof or facts; it’s about allegations.



Shady Guy

The new evidence includes testimony by a known liar, Lev Parnas, a very suspicious guy. In fact, President Zelensky’s foreign minister, who was also named, never spoke with him but says Paranas has a bad reputation.

He was convicted of fraud and then opened a company two years later called, ‘Fraud Guarantee.’ At least he let people know he was going to defraud him.

He’s Rudy Giulian’s go-to guy to meet other shady Ukrainians like himself. He is currently under indictment for campaign finance violations. Once a big Democrat donor, he switched to Donald Trump for political and business advantage.

He’s very credible, the Resistance claims. Parnas will end up in a jail cell like Michael Avenatti.

Parnas is the guy who claimed Devin Nunes went to Vienna to meet with Viktor Shokin (the prosecutor Biden had fired). That never happened. He has zero credibility.

Parnas’ evidence is his undated notes and some texts. His ‘evidence’ is unbelievable and generally irrelevant. Parnas also read everyone’s minds in Trump’s administration, claiming they knew all about the alleged quid pro quo.

The GAO ‘Evidence

The next new bombshell evidence is the determination of the Government Accounting Office (GAO), a legislative office (Congress’ group) governed by Democrats at the moment. They found Barack Obama and George W. Bush guilty of the same crime. Most believe the law they say was broken is unconstitutional.

It’s a toothless law.  The disagreement over the law is a dispute between two branches of government.

Watch the far-left Nancy try to sound like a patriot:

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