This is the real story of a racist assault on Larry Elder by DSA rioters


The LA Times used a dishonest photo of Larry Elder on Twitter to make it appear as if he is slapping a woman in a story about the assault on him by a racist white liberal in a gorilla mask. Additionally, the people assaulting Mr. Elder were not homeless people as The LA Times would have you believe. They were the Democrat Socialists of America, AOC’s – the Squad’s – party.

Yesterday, Soledad Urusa, the Larry Elder supporter who was the alleged victim in the photo, sat for an interview in California on a local station show, Jon & Ken. She had a lot more details than ever got reported by the media.

The attack took place in Venice Beach, which is Ground Zero for the homeless crisis. As the Elder crowd gathered, she noticed the usual Democrat Socialists of America radicals. They show up at every event to make it seem as if everyone hates Larry Elder.

As Elder’s group was mobbed, awful racist and vulgar words were shouted at them. Ms. Urusa couldn’t even repeat the words.

People with pit bulls were walking behind them, and Ms. Urusa was afraid they’d set the animals loose on them. Bike parts were thrown at them. The ‘n’ word was screamed out over and over.

The way it was spun, it looked like Venice Beach residents chased him out. That wasn’t true. It was revolutionaries from outside the city.

The LA Times not only made it seem as if Elder was hitting Ms. Urusa, but they didn’t bother to mention the attackers were the DSA, not homeless people. It’s the same people at every assault.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Elder is a fine man, I listened to him for years. He only loses in a fixed election.

2 years ago

This how Communist work. They create False Flag Events then have the Media spin it. We need serious Laws to Stop Media Lying. If you are giving your OPINION that has to be made crystal clear, but if you are spreading propaganda as news, you should be sued into the poor farm.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

False flags come from our government, and are supported by people like Mitch, Barr and Kevin.

Know the enemy, or lose.

Faux News is the biggest source of TV news, it covers up false flag events spreads anti-MAGA propaganda all the time.