Massive lead for former NFL great Herschel Walker


If this is accurate, it’s a blessing in a sea of hopelessness. Herschel Walker is a hero and he is the GOP hope for the next senatorial election. Without him, we don’t turn around the communism heading our way.

He will run for the Senate against Marxist Raphael Warnock.

The worry, of course, is the mail-in ballots.

The report states:

• Conducted 09/02/21 – 09/04/21 • 1078 Respondents
• Likely 2022 GOP Primary Voters • Response Rate: 1.44%

• Margin of Error: 2.99%
• Confidence: 95%
• Response Distribution: 50%
• Methodology:

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8 months ago

If it’s a Trafalgar Group Poll, then I believe it. The Communist Democrat Liberal Losers have no chance in 2022 and that makes them incredibly dangerous.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 months ago

He’s a fine candidate. Mitch has no hope of subverting his candidacy, but will try to convert him later to be a RINO. I want to know if he is a RINO after the election.

Mitch is on the other side, to not realize that is folly. He can easily pull the strings to lose the senate again, as he did in 2020. Look at the numbers. Mitch is a trojan horse, no decent party has this crook in charge of funding. The party is not decent until/unless Mitch is removed. Folks can complain all they want about the commie democrats, but it does no good when you ignore people like Mitch. He laughs and spits at you, he hates conservatives, always has. There is no team against the dems with people like Mitch and Kevin in charge. If you cannot fix your own house, then stop complaining about the other house.

Historic Wrestling Chair Czar
Historic Wrestling Chair Czar
8 months ago

Dominion and the USPS are ready to go. Isn’t that odd how the USPS and congress are exempt from Adolf Biden’s your body my choice mandate? (not really)
Fun trivia-Walker is the first NFL player to have a 90 yard pass reception, run from scrimmage and kick return in the same season, 1994 with the Eagles.
While playing for the Cowboys in 1986 he had two 80+ yard plays in week 15 against Philadelphia, a pass and a run, completing the game with 292 total yards of offense.
The Cowboys traded him to Minnesota in 1989 and used this deal to build a three time Super Bowl winning team with draft picks and free agents.
He also played for the New Jersey Generals in the USFL which was owned by Donald Trump after the 1983 season.