This is what Democrats are up to with lawsuits in Maricopa County & update


Democrats are fighting like thugs to keep the Maricopa County audit from moving forward. Over 100 top lawyers for the Democrats are in Maricopa County using every trick imaginable to stop or delay the audit.

Kelli Ward, the Arizona GOP Chair said they are trying to delay until May 14 because that’s how long the stadium is rented.

If the election is so secure, why are they this desperate? They obviously don’t want forensic audits. This is the first forensic audit ever done.

Are they afraid of what the auditors might find? Do they worry they will lose voting machines?

Don’t put anything past them. This is a takeover of the country by socialist control freaks who hate us.



Kelli Ward provided an update yesterday of the hearing to stop the audit. The judge has some questionable ties to Perkins Coie but so far, so good.

Court Hearing as of Wednesday:
  • The audit will continue.  The Arizona judge denied a temporary restraining order.
  • Judge indicated that democrats have provided no evidence to support their claims of audit impropriety.
  • The lead auditing firm must release its auditing process and systems to the public.
  • After the Arizona Secretary of State (a biased Democrat) previously refused the invitation to participate in the audit; the democrats have no reversed course and argued with the court to have the SoS and legal counsel present.  The judge gave both sides until 5 pm to work it out. These people were invited but declined.
  • Cyber Ninjas, who are doing the audit, will have to publicly release their findings according to the court. Although they can appeal.

Will this never end? How long arre they allowed to keep up these lawsuits?



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