CNN Pravda trashes Scott’s ‘extraordinarily partisan’ speech of ‘nonsense’ after fawning over Biden


Joseph A. Wulfsohn on Twitter: “CNN bashes Sen. Tim Scott’s ‘extraordinarily partisan’ speech, calling it ‘nonsense’ and knocking him for ‘refusing to give Joe Biden any credit on COVID-19

That’s RICH! Senator Scott is partisan? This is while they are provably among the most corrupt activists pretending to be news media today.

CNN quickly trashed Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Biden’s ‘yay socialism’ speech last night, probably because Senator Scott was so good and because he’s a black Republican.

They fawned over Biden who wants us all under his jackboot by offering freebies, lying about illegal immigration, and spending another $6 trillion that the rich can’t possibly pay for.


After CNN hack Jake Tapper kicked off the conversation about Scott’s “inspiring and hopeful” speech after stating that both Scott and Biden are “partisan,” his colleague Abby Phillip tore into the senator.

“This was an extraordinarily partisan from Tim Scott,” Phillip began.

“Especially on the issue of policing, which is something that he is actively right now working with Democrats on, he really strongly criticized Democrats on the issue in a way that I thought was surprising given that he apparently finds it worthwhile to actually work with them right now to get something done.”

Phillip continued, “So in some ways, the speech kind of read to me or sounded to me what any generic Republican would say in this particular moment, but Tim Scott, who’s trying to have a slightly different brand, it didn’t really seem to fit for him and that’s the part that was a little bit disjointed for me with this speech.”

The truth is Scott wants actual reform. What Democrats want is to federalize the police, much as Adolf did.

Look what has happened to the FBI and CIA — our federalized police forces.


CNN commentator Van Jones said it was “smart” for Republicans to have Scott, who he referred to as the “Biden of his party” for coming across as “warm” and “authentic.”

“The problem isn’t the messenger. The messenger was great. But the message was nonsense,” Jones told a panel. “Somehow we forgot to notice that Biden is dividing the country? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Jones then claimed that Scott “lost a lot of American Americans by the tens of millions” for saying America is not a “racist nation.”

WOW! He’s painting everyone who is white as racist to the world. These are America haters who want to destroy the nation.

“Look, you can say that we’re getting better, you can say we’ve come a long way, but when you look at these numbers, when you look at these statistics, it is very clear that this country is still struggling with racism,” Jones continued. “So I thought he did himself a disservice by jumping, you know that shark unnecessarily.”


CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger slammed the senator for “refusing” to give Biden “any credit” on the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“He was refusing to give Joe Biden any credit on COVID-19. He said, ‘The tide had already turned’ on COVID-19 when Biden became president,” Borger said before saying that Operation Warp Speed “happened under Joe Biden,” but stressed that “getting vaccines into arms was a Biden operation.”

Operation Warp Speed was Trump’s success and Democrats keep lying about it.


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