This is what George W Bush compared J6 rioters and paraders to on 9/11


My son watched the planes hit the World Trade Center from his office window and soon after ran through the ruins and bodies falling through the air to reach his wife who was alive, searching for him. Some others I knew did not survive. It is that terrible day, orchestrated by Islamofascist radicals that George Bush sought to compare to the January 6 rioters and paraders.

This is what George W. Bush compared the J6 rioters and paraders to during his 9/11 speech which was supposed to commemorate the fallen on 9/11.



  1. The only reason I voted for Bush 43 was because I never want to see a Democrat in the White House. Democrats have proven they can’t Govern. When faced with a Democrat or a RINO, I have to take the lesser of two evils.

    • This a big mistake king term snd why the GOP if full of RINO’s. The DEMS purged their moderates. Until we exterminate RINOs in our party you’ll continue to bitch about the do nothing GOP. The club has brain washed you into believing we have to vote RINO or the left will destroy America. We’ll guess what…..

  2. Can anyone say Bush “remembers” 9-11. Obviously he doesn’t remember the day whatsoever. He Just might be worse than John McCain and most other Republicans because he’s elevated Politics over Country and decency.

  3. Bush’s comments are a grave and unforgivable insult to people who were merely attempting to get their representatives to address their grievances. Bush has forever placed himself in the ranks of those that are wholly dedicated to defending the massive electoral fraud that turned our nation over to the grip of an organized criminal syndicate that masquerades as the Demorat Party and is faithfully executing the orders of their masters in Beijing and Davos.

    Bush is emblematic of the RINOS who have worked to undermine the core values of our civilization.

  4. Only Shrubby would be that clueless and how does anyone not laugh out loud when he pipes up from raking up taco bowls at the ranch?
    I kid as we all know Paco and Javier do the raking of love.
    Do the world conquering “elites” know that the Bush name is like mud now and that is why we got the Bathhouse Barry Soetoro regime as a vote of no confidence in shrubby.
    Isn’t that odd how the debt neatly matches up with the cost of you break it you buy tours in Iraq and the Graveyard Of Empires?
    These things happen when you start muh democracy importing projects that no one in those countries was asking for with no way to pay for it.

  5. Maybe “43” was talking about BLM and Antifa. They were the ones tearing down symbols, and killing. Just kidding. What an unvarnished disappoint, this man has proven to be. Keep cozying up to the Clintons and Obama’s Georgie, so you’ll all forever remain on the wrong side of history.

  6. Listen folks. The democrats and the deep state have for many years now supported the candidates from either party. The run two candidates, one democrat, and a volunteer democrat which is a Rino. And they do not care which one wins. They control either one. And until Donald Trump won it was a good game. They couldn’t control Trump, that is why both sides hated Trump. He has been the only candidate they do not control. Billions of dollars were lost by the deep state because Trump refused to keep us in the endless wars. They are also called the Military Industrial Complex. They sell arms all over the world. Wars are huge money to these people. God is exposing these ruthless, Godless, politicians for who they are, and it is scaring the “Hell” out of them. They always want to be in the shadows, and to be unseen, for their unfathomable evil.

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