Biden set to give unvetted Afghans work permits and release them


Joe Biden is resettling tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the United States. While some of them are Afghans who legitimately helped the US in our 20-year war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the vast majority are ghosts.

There is no way to verify their identities since the government and the records are no longer secured if they existed at all.

Multiple already-deported Afghans were able to sneak back onto US soil and another 44 have terrorist ties. Biden ended up evacuating at least 100 suspected terrorists and right now, there are Afghans on US soil with child brides, demanding the right to live with and sleep with children.

In a stunningly dangerous development, the Biden administration is now preparing to give all of these Afghans work permits before they are fully vetted.

Protocol dictates that refugees cannot be allowed into American society until they are vetted. That is why they are housed on military bases.

But the Biden administration’s plan would give them work permits first. They would be allowed to leave the base and get jobs before they are even vetted. Various reports indicate some have left the bases. They can leave whenever they want.

We know that terrorists, criminals, and radicals were able to sneak aboard the evacuation planes. Only an idiot or a traitor would release them into American society.

We owe the Afghans who helped us but not people we can’t even identify.

The only job Biden really has to protect Americans and he has completely failed at that.

To make matters worse, Biden plans to let anyone claiming to be an Afghan to come into the US, receive lifetime welfare, and get on a rapid path to citizenship.

Even more concerning is the throngs of invading anonymous people pouring across our open borders.

The following is the clip that best depicts 9/11/01. It was published by 100 Percent Fed Up. While Joe Biden prepares to release anonymous Afghans and give them work permits, remember the attack by radical Islamists.


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2 years ago

Traitor Joe, along with their Green Cards don’t forget to give them their pound of C4.

2 years ago

Meanwhile, Biden turns 90 today.

Hobbling around.

James Lengel
James Lengel
2 years ago

The invasion and destruction of America has begun. How to never Trump people feel now?