While you were watching Afghanistan, Dems were pushing through amnesty


Democrats are misdirecting. While everyone is concentrating on the Afghanistan crisis, Democrats are pushing through their radical agenda.

Right now, all eyes are on Afghanistan and it’s understandable. Yesterday, news broke that British Special Forces have actually begun rescuing Americans trapped in Kabul and unable to make it to the airport.

Instead of thanking the British, Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue reportedly asked his UK counterpart to stop the rescue operations because it was making the US Military. What the Hell?

This is the commanding General of the 82nd Airborne asking British Special Forces to stop rescuing trapped civilians because it makes him look bad.

But with all eyes on Afghanistan, the Democrats are using this as an opportunity to ram through amnesty.

They have already added amnesty provisions to the annual spending package.

Amnesty would legalize millions of illegal aliens. The bill sets aside 107 Billion to pay for it.

Experts estimate that this funding would allow Democrats to legalize a little more than 10 million illegal aliens. These are illegal aliens who broke the law, and continue to break the law by remaining in this country. Under this plan, they would all get to stay.

It gives them work permits. Americans will be forced to compete with illegal aliens.

The illegal aliens will be on a pathway to citizenship.

Democrats don’t care if they ruin the country as long as they get new voters.

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