This Is What Non-Stop Illegal Immigration Looks Like


There is a non-stop flood of unvetted illegal aliens coming into this country. Cartels control the border and no one is vetting these people. They are invited in by Democrats, but we don’t hear much from Republican leadership on this.

We have all sorts of money for Ukraine and so-called pandemic relief which doesn’t go to the pandemic, but when Donald Trump tried to build his wall, it was too expensive. Border Patrol said the wall made a big difference. As people pour in illegally and unvetted, Border Patrol is reduced to babysitting, driving, and flying them all over the country.

In this footage posted by Bill Melugin, a drone captured illegal aliens wading into the US unabated in only one spot in one moment in time. This goes on all day all over the nation. We don’t know who they are. No one has vetted them. They come by plane, boat, or vehicle, and they walk. Some come through tunnels.

In fact, a tunnel four football fields long comes up into a warehouse in Otay Mesa. It is a drug tunnel from Tijuana. The sophisticated drug tunnel utilized a railing system. It has steel shoring, and an electric and ventilation system. It was first discovered on May 14 and U.S. authorities were quickly alerted, Mexican authorities said.

Is this really what Democrats and Republicans want – unvetted millions? Doesn’t one Democrat care what it will turn us into? Where is the GOP?

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1 year ago

Time to line the border with military that are locked and loaded.

Brandon is a lying dog-faced pony soldier
Brandon is a lying dog-faced pony soldier
1 year ago

They will be coming like a massive wildebeest migration crossing an African river! More than 1.5 million wildebeest migrate in an enormous loop every year.