This is what Stonybrook Hospital officials send ‘heroes’ merely for being unvaxxed


Stonybrook University Hospital on Long Island, New York, is interrogating their staff who have not gotten vaccinated. After the interrogation, they send the letter below.

Last year’s heroes are now “violating public health law,” engaging in “misconduct,” “derelict” in their duties, “incompetent,” and “insubordinate,” all for not getting the vaccine.

These charges are very serious. They appear to be going from interrogation and charges to termination. Some of those affected believe it will go on their license and possibly cost them their license. It does seem so.

Look at the letter these heartless fascists are handing out to the ex-heroes:

There is no way Democrats give a rat’s ass about the greater good. Fauci doesn’t care about the greater good. If they cared, they wouldn’t allow millions of unvaccinated illegals and refugees, many with COVID, to go out into the interior.

They are fascists exerting power and control, not caring human beings. They are purging careers of people who are disobedient.

These Democrats are fascists making money and gaining power. They’re evil. This administration is corrupt and evil. As quick as they can, they are destroying our Bill of Rights.

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