This Is What the Democrat Youth Movement Is Really About


Some students and family members from Stoneman High, who are leading the leftist youth march, were flown to D.C. by a so-called friend of President Trump’s, Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots. There is no end to the betrayal by alleged Americans who think the Second Amendment must be dispatched.

This isn’t about the safety of children, it’s just another contrived leftist march.

The leader – the figurehead – of the youth movement is David Hogg who probably didn’t write the speeches he gave Saturday. He keeps referring to our “democracy” in the clip below, but we are a Republic or rather we were — pre-Obama.

Hogg seems to think he’s the President of the United States here. It seems a bit presumptuous and arrogant to some.

Victim’s Family Disinvited From Attending

The family of one of the victims, Meadow Pollack, were disinvited from attending the so-called March for Our Lives. The reason is they are not preaching the anti-gun narrative.

The Pollack family is not focusing on gun control, but rather on the best way to secure our nation’s schools.

Hunter Pollack, Meadow’s brother, prepared a speech for the March and ended up presenting it on Facebook. He was told he was not allowed to speak.

This is a Socialist youth movement to get out the vote for Democrats and nothing else.

This Is What Socialism Looks Like

These are the same people who march with pussy hats, occupy buildings and rampage through towns like Ferguson. They even use the same chants.

The Usual Vulgar People

The Normal Kid

This Is Their Leader


  1. Rahm Emanuel “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” …………… that’s what this about, these people are being used and don’t even know it……….as for David Hogg referring to the U.S. as a Democracy, he is just another product of the brainwashing schools, media and politicians, Pelosi calls us a Democracy almost daily, and David Hogg’s 15 minutes of fame are about over, sunday nite Stormy Daniels takes over the spot light with her 60 minutes sit down with Cooper!

  2. GUN CONTROL KIDS Use Chilling Video Of Parkland High School Activist (Emma González) Tearing Up U.S. Constitution To Push Gun Control March In D.C………….these little idiot pukes have no idea what their doing, they are pissing millions of Americans off. gun sales/NRA membership going through the roof !!!!!

  3. According to science, the teen’s frontal lobe of their brains isn’t fully developed; it’s important for decision-making. And leftists are using teens to influence the decision making of our gun laws; it sounds as if adult leftist’s brains aren’t properly wired.

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