This is what you can expect from Biden’s climate agenda – immediately


President-elect Joe Biden promises to implement on day one the most aggressive policies to curb emissions of any administration. He will heap regulations on our energy sector as we suffer through a pandemic and lockdowns in blue states.

He will deliberately make us energy-dependent on our enemies once again.

Biden is bringing back all of the Obama’s Marxists, including former Obama Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy and former Secretary of State John Kerry, to run his White House climate shop.

Meanwhile, President Trump has done an amazing job of lowering emissions, more than any leader in the world.

The future president, barring a miracle, has an “all of government” strategy to sharply curb greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, every government agency will be politicized to accommodate the extreme climate change agenda as their mission.

Environmentalists and those close to Biden’s team expect the president-elect will seek to codify his overall agenda in his first days, maybe even in his first few hours on the job.

Biden’s list of ideas, actually the ideas of his puppeteers, goes beyond rejoining the Paris climate agreement — the day one climate action Biden has blathered about.

We can expect the following based on a review of his climate plans by The Washington Examiner.

Executive orders

On his first day, he promised to sign executive orders “with unprecedented reach that go well beyond” what the Obama administration set out to achieve. They will send the signal to agencies that it is the number one priority.

Also, via executive order, he will lay the path for net-zero emissions by 2050 and carbon-free power by 2035. He will conserve 30% of US lands and waters by 2030. He will target reforestation and expand renewable energy on federal lands.

He will begin work on a Trump-era rollback of Draconian Obama mandates, which saved our economy. Say goodbye to fossil fuel production.

On the agenda are stricter fuel standards for passenger cars and the restoration of California’s ability to set its own limits.

Besides, any day, one executive order could be the first place Biden directs the Interior Department to restrict fossil fuel development on public lands. Biden has promised to bar new federal leasing for oil and gas on federal lands and waters.

He will likely direct the federal government to purchase more clean energy, electric cars, and other low-carbon technologies.


Senile Joe will order the Energy Department to set tighter energy efficiency standards for appliances and buildings.  It’s going to bankrupt the poor and the middle class.

The Obama-Jarrett puppet will require that federal permitting of infrastructure, energy, and other projects assess the effects they would have on greenhouse gas emissions.

He is adopting a modified Green New Deal. We don’t have the money, but he doesn’t care.

Biden plans to direct financial agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission to require public companies to disclose the risks they face from climate change and how much greenhouse gases they emit. He will criminalize divergence from the extreme climate change plan.


Internationally, he will rejoin the Paris climate agreement immediately and convene a world summit to call for aggressive pledges to slash greenhouse gases. They will pledge and do nothing as they have done for the past four years.

He wants to “lock-in” emissions mandates consistent with global agreements to cut greenhouse gases from the shipping and aviation sectors. The cost to the US will be astronomical, and we are deeply in debt.

Another rule that will require a global tax: “Embrace” a global deal to limit climate-warming coolants known as hydrofluorocarbons, which could avoid 0.5 degrees Celsius of warming if governments meet their targets.


The Washington Examiner left out the part where he wants to nationalize zoning and destroy the suburbs.

Much of what Biden is promising in his first days in office he hopes to do through executive action alone.

You had better pray that the two Georgian candidates win their Senate races so they can stop some of this from happening

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3 years ago

The personal behavior of 1% of the U. S. population results in the CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the average of the other 99%. This surprises no one as most people would guess it is even higher. But people are surprised when they realize this means were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average of everyone else, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would immediately, not over years or decades, decline 17%. Oddly, the AGW scammers never inform the public of this fact. Maybe because so many of the AGW scammers are part of this small group?

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

This illegitiment POTUS will drive this country down the road to hell. He is a incompetent buffoon.

Ned Crabb
Ned Crabb
3 years ago
Reply to  Tim Shep

He’s not Prez yet.
Jan 6th we’ll know more, but there’s also the courts.

Us and Them
Us and Them
3 years ago

Back to the primitive, brownouts, blackouts (wayciss!), horse and buggy, slit trenches, bicycles, comfortable walking shoes worth their weight in gold, NYC to Hawaii high speed rail,
solar panel eyesores in any open spaces that are left, stacked like sardines housing, inefficient public transit that never runs on time, favelas with mansions (dachas) behind fortress walls like Brazil, more for them and less for us (h/t-George Carlin)