This Is What You Must Know About COV


Our medical overlords have been ignoring science since March of 2020, breakthrough cases, and the fact that vaccines don’t prevent transmission.

The truth is that if you’re sick or old, COV is dangerous for you, but for the rest of you, the lockdown was far more dangerous. Also, truthful is the fact that Omicron is equivalent to a head cold and spells the probable — hopefully — end of the severe illness.

There is more:
  • Where are our tests and treatments? We have been denied both.
  • The vaccine doesn’t work very well, yet it is being forced on all people?
  • We weren’t allowed to have any treatments, just vaccines. Many doctors vouched for the treatments. Why?
  • There was never any technology to get to zero COVID or even stop the spread of the disease. It was always an insane goal.
  • Biden has even pulled back on monoclonal anti-bodies as we needed them — there are no words.
  • Biden is now rationing treatments — monoclonal antibodies — for the Red States and putting whites to the back of the line for treatments. You know why.

Dr. Battacharya explained on Rob Schmitt [Newsmax] last night that we knew the disease’s target from the beginning – the old and the very sick.

The government was afraid to not give the appearance of stopping the illness and they saw an opportunity to grow their power and grow government. They didn’t trust us and now we can’t trust them.


We rejected natural immunity. Omicron is a head cold and yet with every injection, there is reactogenicity.

There are far too many deaths and injuries after injection, says Dr. McCulloch.

Then why are we forcing it?


Watch the frightening summary from Dr. Atlas. It was an intentional inculcation of fear as admitted to Dr. Scott Atlas:

Race-based care is now in play with white people at the end of the line. Tucker gave a good example last night. He said: so you’re a Haitian Black man who just came in illegally and you get care before any white citizen or person. It’s not the Haitian man’s fault. It’s the fault of our bankrupt system that now promotes systemic racism and segregation. Everyone who is not white gets COV care first.

Karl Marx, in The Communist Manifesto, explains that the quickest way to communism is through race. Coincidence?


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1 year ago

The COVID-19 Hoax is all but dead. The Reason the Communist are watching their coup go up in smoke is they are now playing the race card out of desperation and stupidity. The Race Card worked in Nazi Germany because Jews were only 1% of the population. The Democrats are attacking Whites. Over 60% of the US population identifies as White. Democrats stole the 2020 Election and are now taking revenge on Trump Voters because their coup didn’t work. As a result they have alienated Blacks and Hispanics who they need to win elections. Democrats are now losing woman every time they shop at the grocery. Out of revenge, Democrats now want to cause as much pain for The People as possible.

The Media is trying to tell us that 30% of America supports the Traitor Joe Regime. His support is probably half that. The numbers don’t lie, more people have died on Traitor Joe’s watch because he is withholding therapeutics which work and pushing a “Shot” that doesn’t work. The “Shot” may also have serious long term side effects that are being covered up. Some say the “Shot” is slow acting Jonestown Kool-Aid. The thing is that Traitor Joe will probably die before he would see any justice if it is. In the future we need to get Government totally out of medical care and that includes Medicare and Medicaid. You can’t trust a Government who has the power and resources to withhold medicines and medical treatment. Even worse is a Government that can force you to take Jonestown Kool-Aid.