Three Reasons Our CDC Overlords Are Starting to Tell the Truth


Censored truth about COVID has been revealed by none other than CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. This comes after Americans were lied to for two years and many of us were banned for presenting another position. Three of the reasons for the revelation are addressed here.


The Biden administration is moving on from COVID.

Walensky has been chosen to tell it. So lucky for her. Over 75% of the people who died with or from COVID had 4-6 or more co-morbidities or other illnesses. When you add people with fewer co-morbidities, it’s over 95%, and the other 5% might have been because of paperwork issues.

That’s right. You have been terrorized with lies and mandates for two years over this BIG LIE.

So, why are we getting the truth now? One reason is that COVID’s not ending and Biden can’t do anything about it so the swamp wants it to go away. Omicron, a mild illness, only exposes their dishonesty about natural immunity.

They locked us down and destroyed so many people. It was supposed to be two weeks, and went on and on. ‘Flatten the curve’ was always a lie as we now know from the Fauci emails. They decided we had to free the world of COVID in every person — zero COVID.

Doctors who tried to give us another direction were taken down as fringe:

The so-called fringe, prominent doctors and researchers, were trying to give us the science that was being hidden by people claiming to be science.

Trump was right all along. He wanted caution but he didn’t want Fauci running the country.


We have another issue the Left fears. A lot of information from Pfizer and the making and composition of the vaccine. Pfizer said it would take decades before we could find out what was in the vaccine or what they studied about adverse effects. A Texas judge reversed that and sped it up. By the end of the summer, we will have a lot of information.

As Rob Schmitt reported last night, it might explain these odd comments from the Pfizer CEO who made tens of billions last year off these forced vaccines. He’s only talking about the Omicron virus here:


Politicizing it was an opportunity to destroy their political enemies, grow government, and increase their power.

That is what happened and it’s not conspiratorial to think it. Democrats, many of them, announced it at the beginning of the pandemic. Were you listening?

Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto explains that the quickest way to communism is through race. We now have race-based COV care and whites are at the back of the line. Coincidence?

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