This Is Who Leads in Polling as of St. Patrick’s Day, 2023


It’s too soon to take the 2024 polls seriously, but they’re out, so we’ll mention them for the trends they represent. Gov. DeSantis and others who might run for the presidency haven’t begun to campaign, except for Nikki Haley and Mike Pence, who generate as much enthusiasm as ‘low energy Jeb.’

One thing that seems clear is Donald Trump leads over the potential and announced candidates. He seems to tie with Biden, which is remarkable.

Another remarkable outcome is Biden achieves 46% approval in the Rasmussen poll. He’s a dementia patient who reads off a teleprompter. He’s ruining the country and the West. Barack Obama and George Soros have their disciples in the administration running things from behind the curtain. We have a dictatorship with unelected leftists running the government and remaining unaccountable.

In one poll – not a great poll – Trump and Biden are tied, even after President Trump led traditionally and maintained a great economy.

If it’s true that 51% of the voters are Democrats, then 46% is more understandable. Who are they going to vote for?

According to Interactive polls, Donald Trump’s favorability is up 13% since November.

If Manhattan or Georgia or the DOJ do indict and arrest Donald Trump for bogus ‘crimes,’ it will backfire. People might rally around DJT. It’s not really about DJT. It’s about picking the toughest guy out there to defeat the Marxists ruining this country.

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