Barack Obama Takes Credit for Trump’s Economy, Draws Laughter from WH Democrat


Former president Obama, who couldn’t reach an annual job growth rate of 3% and who dragged the recession on longer than any president in our modern history, took credit for the Trump economy.

Obama actually thanked himself.

That drew laughter from White House DEMOCRAT Gary Cohn because it’s absurd.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders presented the facts on Sunday.

“Donald Trump’s relentless focus on tax cuts, deregulation and draining the swamp is great for job growth… with minorities, women, men and even those with low incomes, showing the best gains.”


  1. Maybe Obama should draw another red line in the sand. He already holds the record for the most red lines drawn and crossed. Let’s go for a Guinness World record!

  2. Obama, isn’t he the guy who predicted more than once President Trump would never be President? Wasn’t numb nuts Eric holder his Attorney General? Is he still chain smoking cigarettes and doing Coke. He couldn’t be a successful drug pusher even with bailout money.. Bit he is a first rate grandstander. And a horses apologies to all horses asses out there

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