This is why Dems must not defend the ‘revered’ Soleimani


Dan Andros of Faithwire wrote an article about his firsthand experience with the Soleimani’s forces who torture and murder people to intimidate, control, and get information from them. They are the same people who slaughter protesters. He believes the thousands of mourners we see are actually acting out of fear.

Soleimani is not revered, he was a monster.

An excerpt:

In 2015 I went to Iraq to report on the state of ISIS after one year had passed since they unleashed a murderous reign of violence against the Iraqi people.

I met the family in the above picture at an IDP camp outside of Erbil, Iraq. The father explained their desperate situation, homeless because of the latest ISIS reign of terror.

His body was severely burned, his son lay silent on the cot in the tent. When we asked about these things, he explained how Iranian Shia militias had killed his wife, tortured him and his children, including his young boy. The militias, who would have been under the control of Qasem Soleimani, proceeded to drill holes in the boy’s legs as a means to further threaten the father.

Mr. Andros was on Fox & Friends this morning and spoke about it briefly.


People who have seen Soleimani’s handiwork firsthand don’t revere him. The media is lying to you. They aren’t telling you the whole truth. Democrats politicize everything and see everything as Trump-related.

Whose side are Democrats on?


Watch this brief clip from a double-amputee that has gone viral:

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