VA to flood rural areas with votes of Democrat prisoners


Virginia recently became a deep blue state, thanks in part to people like Michael Bloomberg who bought elections. As a result, revolutionaries are now in place in the legislature with the extremist, Blackface Northam, as Governor. They are passing law after law that will take away peoples’ rights, one of those rights could soon be the vote.

Originally, radical Virginia Democrats said they were planning to allow felons to vote if they weren’t on probation. Since these socialist Democrats are never satisfied, they have moved on from that. Now they plan to have prisoners vote from jail.

Neat! They can vote for politicians who will let them commit crimes and acquire a get out of jail free card.

Virginia Democrats Mamie Locke and Kaye Kory will introduce an amendment on January 8th that will allow prisoners to vote from jail in the state, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

Prisoners will — so far — vote in their jurisdiction, making them an important Democrat voting bloc.  It will potentially flood rural areas with prisoners’ votes — Democrat votes.

It’s only one of many revolutionary bills.

Only two other states — Maine and Vermont — allow inmates to vote, but they don’t vote in their jurisdiction.

Along these lines, NPR published a pity article about the poor, sympathetic prisoners who don’t have a say in their government. They call it ‘prison gerrymandering.’

Perhaps they shouldn’t’ commit the crimes.

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