This is why “MyButtsBeenWiped” is trending on Twitter


Biden says what?

Biden was asked. “must immigration need to be in reconciliation?”

He responded by saying something mostly unintelligible, and people started to guess as to what he was trying to say.

The most popular guess was: “My butts been wiped.” 

Others guessed:

“Laurel or Yanny?”

“I touched my wife?”

“I touched my butt.”

Why aren’t Republicans calling for the 25th Amendment? Where are all those crazy psychiatrists who demanded Donald Trump get tested for mean tweets?




  1. One of the rumpswabs gave him a bird bath just before this.
    The comrades who think that they are so rough and tough in a group love it when Mommygov gives them a birdbath.
    They are OK (racist!) to live on the Mommygov plantation for life while prattling on about slavery.

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