This is why Portland is out of control


The far-left rules in Portland and has for some time. The violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is the result. It is the reason these violent young people are allowed to act unlawfully night after night. They act under the false mantra of “racial justice,” and people just accept it.

The Daily first reported this next shocking story out of Portland that probably explains a lot of what is going on.

The Story

An 8th-grade teacher from the Beaverton School District in Oregon compared being resistant to actively teaching “anti-racism” to sexually abusing children during a Zoom video call.

Katherine Watkins said that teachers who are not actively teaching anti-racism are “abusing children.”

Watkins who introduces herself with pronouns “she, her, we and us” explains that if teachers “are not evolving into an anti-racist educator” then they are making themselves “obsolete” in the teaching profession.

At one point she said, “So if you’re being resistant, I understand that. But, you’re going to have to eventually come to the light. Because if you’re going to keep up those old views of colonialism, it’s going to lead to being fired,” Watkins declared. “Because you’re going to be doing damage to our children, trauma. As we fire the teachers who sexually abuse our children, we will be firing the teachers who do racist things to our children and traumatize them.”




  1. There is only one solution and it is not re-educatoin. The great Chilean General Ernesto Penochet rounded them up and marched them down to the fooball stadium and sent them to the Hell they wished upon the Chilean people. Where is our American General Pinochet?

    • Yes but then what about the sick society that allows this miscreant to spread hatred and poison children’s minds?

  2. Watkins is an insane cult member. Part of it is incredible arrogance, for that small mind to think it has discovered the ultimate truths.

  3. Did the comrades burn it all down yet?
    What is the hold up.
    Build the autonomous CHAZ/CCP zone and then issue utopian daily dispatches about group hugs in the Floyd quad and selections for czar of storm drains, commissioner of sewers, kommissar of cannabis redistribution and other Jonestown paradise items.

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