This is why the [socialists] Democrats want Cuomo out now


The New York Times is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to step down following a state attorney general’s report that found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women, allegations that he has denied.

No one seems concerned about the thousands of elderly in nursing homes that his policies killed. Nor do they seem to care that he covered it up. They care about the lesser cause.

“The stories get worse, and the women who came forward to share them, even in the face of threats of retaliation, as detailed in the report, should be commended for their bravery,” the Times’ editorial board wrote on Tuesday. “Mr. Cuomo has always had a self-serving streak and been known for his political bullying. He also has used those traits to be an effective politician and, in many of his achievements as governor, won the public’s trust.”

The revelations contained in the report, that the governor sexually harassed state employees, that he retaliated against women who raised concerns about his behavior and fostered a toxic work environment for employees, has broken that trust, the Times argued.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have called for Cuomo to resign as have four northeastern blue city mayors.

The New York State Assembly is preparing for impeachment.

Two Congressional Representatives — communistic reps — from the state of New York, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Jamaal Bowman, have also called upon Governor Cuomo to resign.

Communist de Blasio who hates Cuomo wants him to resign. He’s a joke who has made the city into a Hellhole.

Why aren’t they calling for Lori Lightfoot to be removed after all the needless deaths in her city? It’s because they really don’t care about the people.

Why Now

They aren’t doing it to eat their own nor are they worried solely about their image. What they want is to replace him NOW with a Democrat so it is easy to fill the spot with another Democrat in the next election.

They also plan to put in a governor to the left of the leftist Governor Cuomo.

Finally, Democrats don’t want to deal with the nursing home deaths and cover- up, a far more serious crime. If they address it, they have to do it with the other governors who did the same thing. They followed his lead in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere. They have to get rid of him.

We have zero sympathies for Governor Cuomo but we know they have worse out there to take his position — like Letitia James.

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