Man who raped his aged mother goes to women’s prison


Trans YouTuber Chris Chan, 39, who claims to be a transgender, still has his male biology intact. He raped his 79-year-old mother who has dementia, The Daily Mail reports. Since he claims he is a woman, the rapist will be housed with women in prison.

He’s obviously mentally unfit and a man, but that doesn’t matter to this WOKE administration. Women are meaningless to the Biden administration.

The Mail reports:

According to a press release from county law enforcement, a warrant was issued for Chandler’s arrest after investigators ‘received information involving sex crimes against a family member, who resides in the Ruckersville area.’

Chandler has lived with her [his] 79-year-old mother, Barbara, in Ruckersville, Virginia, for many years.

Chandler is currently being held without bond at the Central Virginia Regional Jail. The sheriff’s office said additional charges were pending, reported Newsweek.

Chandler is best known for creating the comic series characters Sonichu, which is a cross between Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, and its love interest, Rosechu. Her [His] YouTube channel has more than 50,000 subscribers.

Chandler’s arrest came just days after a phone call was leaked on an instant messaging platform, on which a person believed to Chandler seemingly admitted to having sex with her [his] elderly mother, who is believed to have dementia.

The authenticity of the audio recording hasn’t been confirmed.

During the eight-minute conversation, Chandler apparently tells a friend that it was her [his] mother, Barbara, who ‘made the first move,’ leading the two to kiss, according to the audio file, which Newsweek reported…

…This is not Chandler’s first run-in with the law. In October 2011, Chandler and her [his] mother were arrested after Barbara hit a manager of a game center with her car, reported Insider. 

In 2014, Chandler was arrested for pepper-spraying a worker at a GameStop store.

He says he’s a woman so that’s good enough.


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