This Is Why They Won’t Enforce the Law


In New York City, blacks commit about 75% of all drive-by shootings, though they’re 23% of the population. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings and you get about 100% of all shootings. That’s true in every city today.”


~ Heather MacDonald

The elites have decided the only acceptable narrative for the minority violence is white supremacy. Crimes can’t be prosecuted because racism caused the problem – it’s the only acceptable narrative. If not, there is no disparate impact.


The anti-police narrative that they are running around killing black people was disgracefully spread by the media and some politicians, especially after the George Floyd killing. The truth is that last year, in 2021, there was a 59% increase in intentionally killed police. There were 73 police killed in the line of duty.

Heather MacDonald was on Bill O’Reilly’s podcast last week and discussed the issue. She is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute. She believes it is spread by the elites because they can’t admit the truth – who is really killing black people.

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Only Six Unarmed Police Shootings of Unarmed Black Men in 2021

Ms. MacDonald recently wrote an article about police shootings on unarmed black men who are down since George Floyd and up for police shootings.

She told Bill, “…when you make the calculations, you find that a police officer is 400 times as likely to be killed by a black male as an unarmed black person is to be killed by a police officer. So the narrative that everybody has absorbed uncritically from the media – which is that we’re living through an epidemic of racially biased police shootings of blacks – is completely false. The impression that people have that, that daily blacks are getting gunned down is a complete optical illusion created by highly selective, deliberately manipulated press coverage.”

In 2021, only 6 black men were killed by police. 6 black unarmed men, not in the commission of a crime in a country of 335 million people. Many of the shootings in this category are generally cases of a criminal grabbing an officer’s gun, sometimes they are resisting arrest, and so on.


“That is not a big reason why blacks die of homicide at 13 times the rate of whites between the ages of 10 and 34. The reason blacks die of homicide at such high rates is not the cops, it’s not whites, it’s not white supremacy, it’s that because they’re being killed by black criminals and the nation turns its eyes away from that reality, and is engaged in this racial hysteria, blaming white people for every problem affecting blacks today. And that’s not justified.”

O’Reilly asked if the media reports erroneously because they believe white people, particularly white men, don’t like black people. He asked if that’s the genesis of the false reporting.

She agreed.

“… That’s sort of an intermediate level belief. And I totally agree with you. I think they do believe that. But the reason that they are so insistent on this obsessive compulsive search for phantom white racism is that the elites are terrified about black inner city dysfunction. They do not want to look at it. We turn our eyes away every day.


“Blacks are beating up on whites in just extraordinarily simplistic ways, and it never gets covered. It’s an extraordinary thing. This is not the behavior of white supremacists, Bill. We sweep this black inner city barbarity under the rug because the whites, the elite whites are terrified that the behavior gaps and the achievement gaps are never going to close. And so they are preemptively coming up with the only allowable explanation for the lack of racial proportionality at Google and the overrepresentation of blacks in prison. The only allowable explanation today, if you’re on MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post is white racism.” 

And if you say the opposite it is racism. The corporate media doesn’t want people to know the truth.

Mac Donald said, “Yes. I mean, the videos don’t lie. We’ve seen the videos of the looting. Everything in the criminal justice system today is driven by one thing – and that is race. If you want to understand why progressive prosecutors like George Gascon in Los Angeles or Alvin Bragg in New York or Kim Foxx in Chicago are not enforcing laws against looting, turnstile jumping, trespassing, and resisting arrest. It’s because if they do enforce those laws, they will have a disparate impact on blacks. Not because the laws are racist, not because the police are racist, not because judges are racist, but because blacks are committing crimes at astronomically higher rates.


And we’ve decided as a nation – well somebody’s decided at least, the elites have decided – we would rather not enforce the law at all than have a disparate impact on blacks. And the result of this, of course, is that another 2,000 blacks were murdered in 2020 compared to 2019.”

Bill said the violence in black communities is staggering and nobody has done a thing about it for decades. He asked MacDonald why blacks in America are more violent than whites in America.

“Is it poverty? Is it deprivation? What is it that drives the violence in the black community?


“Well, it’s certainly not poverty. The safest period in this country’s history was the Great Depression. We had virtually zero crime. It is the breakdown of the black family. These kids are not getting socialized. Their fathers are not around. The mothers have children by many different fathers, the fathers have children by many different mothers. It is chaos.

“The social skills are not getting passed on, bourgeois values. What sort of upbringing leads to a young black teenager, 15-year -old, spraying bullets across a sidewalk with utter indifference to who he kills? There is a breakdown of basic civilizational norms. The root cause of this is the breakdown of the family. And this is going to have to be a cultural revolution. No amount of redistribution of, of taxpayer dollars is going to make a damn bit of difference. We’ve been redistributing money, and having anti-poverty programs for 6 decades since the Great Society. It has not closed the crime gap.”

Bill asked, “It’s worse now than it’s ever been. It’s worse than it’s ever been. Is there any other country on this earth that has this kind of problem disproportionately between Caucasians and blacks?”


“Yes,” she said, “the crime gap exists in every country.”

To this extent?

“Well, we have gun violence. The crime gap exists. What differentiates are – no – inner city violence is we have guns. And that’s the reason why we have a much higher incarceration rate. Our rate of gun violence is about 43 times higher than other Western European countries and Japan, and it is driven almost exclusively by people of color. In New York City, blacks commit about 75% of all drive-by shootings, though they’re 23% of the population. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings and you get about 100% of all shootings. That’s true in every city today.”

She’s speaking the unspeakable.

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