This Is Why Trump’s Still Standing, Leading in GOP Polls


We are repeatedly told that Donald Trump is diminished and cannot win the primary. Gov. DeSantis, who we like, is named Trump’s successor, but if the Governor does come out ahead, they’d likely do to him what they’re doing to Donald Trump. The swamp doesn’t want conservatives. We could see a bait-and-switch with a more establishment-acceptable candidate, like Nikki Haley.

Two of the nation’s leading Republican pollsters with strong ties to Trump report that he remains “as strong as ever” to take the nomination and beat President Joe Biden.

The Polls

John and Jim McLaughlin, who run McLaughlin & Associates, recently released their poll that shows the former president ahead of DeSantis 48%-23%, just as popular as he was on Election Day last month, and leading Biden 48%-45%.

John McLaughlin said, “The continued attacks on Trump by President Biden and liberals in Congress galvanize Trump’s conservative base. The bottom line — Trump is still the Republican to beat, and actual votes for delegates are over a year away.”

The establishment “leaders” such as they are, will pull out all the stops to keep Trump from the nomination. The latest is the J6 kangaroo court referring Donald Trump and his attorney for potential criminal charges.

Criminal Charges

The Electoral Count Act that Trump used to possibly redo the 2020 election was open to interpretation. In any case, it never came to pass. Nothing happened.

Donald J. Trump posted on Telegram that Vice President Pence did have the power to send electoral votes back to State Legislatures for reapproval. He believes that on the advice of his lawyer John Eastman.

Both Eastman and Trump were criminally referred to the DOJ for believing that.

The Omnibus banned that process – The Electoral Count Act. If that weren’t the case, why have the act at all? It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

The establishment made sure that avenue was shut down in the Omnibus.

If you believe the McLaughlin polls, Donald Trump is still standing.

Possible Recession

In a recent article aggregated by Liberty Daily, WCIA reports, “Inflation, unemployment, the housing crisis and a possible recession: Two economists forecast what’s ahead in 2023.”

Rodney Ramcharan stated: “Indeed, yes, there’s a likelihood that the economy is going to contract in the next nine months. The president of the New York Fed expects the unemployment rate to go up from 3.5% currently to somewhere between 4% to 5% in the next year. And I think that will be consistent with a recession…

“In the last three months, the housing market has cooled sharply. We’re now seeing house prices beginning to fall. I would imagine, going forward, the housing market cooling is going to be a major driver behind the slowdown in the inflation rate and in real estate investment trusts. So that’s positive…”

Brian Blank, the other economist interviewed was more optimistic. However, as Ramcharan said, this “is all theory,” and they don’t know what will happen.

The fact is we are in a recession by the usual measure, housing is in major trouble, and food prices are skyrocketing.

This Is Why He Is Still Standing

Donald Trump said during his administration, “We had the most SECURE border in our history, versus the “horror show” that is happening now, with record setting numbers of people, many of them hardened Criminals (including Killers, Human Traffickers and Drug Dealers), POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY at a rate the likes of which we have never seen beofre. The USA is dying from within.”

That’s why he is still standing.

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