This Is Why Ukraine Is So Important to Democrats


In case you missed Tucker’s monologue, you might want to watch this one. He explains why we are so involved in the Ukraine war. This is a revolution and it is The Great Reset.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I think the Ukraine conflict is merely an extension of things that have been going on a long time. Corrupt people in the west (NATO, CIA, DOD, …) have wanted conflicts with Russia. Obama gave them the gift of allowing them to stage the coup in Ukraine. Earlier, he allowed them to create huge trouble in the Middle East, ruining countries, helping ISIS grow and threaten Syria. Syria is a long term ally of Russia. Russia stepped in to assist. The no fly zone was also threatened against Russia aircraft. The US moved troops in. US propaganda claimed Syria launched chemical attacks against itself. The US Intel media has been preparing propaganda of Russia launching chemical attacks.

The similarities are strong between Syria and Ukraine, except now the US/NATO meddling in directly on Russia’s border, in a nation which was an integral part of Russia (Russia initiated in Ukraine hundreds of years ago, some leaders were Ukrainian, such as Khrushchev and Brezhnev.

Escalations in the plans of the NWO (covid, election coup, Ukraine, …) were in response to Trump. He ruined their Syria plans (ISIS defeated there) and would have ruined their Ukraine plans. Our corrupt Intel/NATO/DOD had already enlisted the Bidens and other criminals into illegal money making schemes, so Biden was owned by them. So, they could direct Biden policy there ( no negotiation, let Russia invade, use other nations to leverage a larger scale war).

I don’r know what Tucker said here, I will not listen to him. I get better, more complete explanations from OAN, by far, I see in this headline that Tucker is using a typical Faux News RINO line. My hunch is he leaves important details out, which anyone figure out. This is not democrat versus republican. Mitch’s gang wants escalation and coverups too. Mitch is appealing to the same corrupt entities who put Biden in power because he wants power. This is the corrupt USA elites versus America.

I have to say, even when Tucker makes sense, he has Faux RINO spin and hype embedded into his story. This leads to a narrow version of things. He missed the big picture.

Wild Bill Kelso
Wild Bill Kelso
1 year ago

O/T-The USPS (CPUSA) refuses to release whistleblower report regarding the 288,000 suspicious ballots across several state lines from November 2020.
I’m no Dean Wormer but subterfuge and sleights of hand with smoking mirrors are no way to go through life.


1 year ago

Oh what a tangled web….

Bean Dip Tray
Bean Dip Tray
1 year ago

Putin and PRC/CCP don’t want the Schwab world and seek to make an order of their own?
China is the model for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
The CPUSA is using the Bolshevik revolution model here in the former USA and irony is over their heads as they work up the vodka man bad hysteria.
There is a lot of stuff that the dims want to remain in the Kraine but the comrades have the syndrome of the pee wee brain that Long Marching ideologues develop.