This isn’t a problem at all


This is great. If you don’t like a story that’s trending, just label it “misinformation” and reduce the reach of its publisher.

Nothing to worry about. This isn’t fascist at all.

If you don’t say what they want you to say and believe as they believe, you will be silenced.

If you like this, vote Democrat!

Here are some excerpts from her op-ed at WaPo:

In the United States, Facebook’s weaponization has been well documented. Despite having been overrun by foreign disinformation in 2016, and vowing to combat falsehoods this election cycle, the platform is still not doing enough to stem their spread. Since 2016, user engagement with content from outlets known to continually publish verifiably false information has more than doubled. Disinformation and conspiracy theories — whether smears of political candidates, phony images of discarded ballots or claims that “the left” deliberately infected President Trump with the coronavirus — are being used to deepen polarization, suppress voter turnout and delegitimize the election. Alarmingly, these falsehoods could also fuel civil unrest, ultimately threatening the fabric of American democracy.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced steps aimed at protecting election integrity. These measures include adding correction labels to posts that ascribe victory before results are final and removing explicit misrepresentations about how or when to vote — such as announcements that “You don’t need to register to vote this year,” or misleading information about when ballots must be received. Facebook says it deleted more than 120,000 posts attempting “voter interference” between March and September, and that it affixed misinformation warnings to more than 150 million pieces of content viewed in the United States over that time.

She wants retroactive corrections:

Still, Facebook has done far too little to address a dangerous reality: Many posts will have already gone viral in the hours or weeks that it takes for a falsehood to be flagged, fact-checked and labeled as misinformation. It is critical that Facebook immediately go further and provide retroactive corrections to users who have unwittingly been exposed to false election-related information before it was labeled. Zuckerberg must also follow through on his company’s prior pledges to reduce the reach of pages or groups that serially circulate falsehoods.

Seven out of 10 American adults use Facebook, and over half of American adults say they get news on the platform. Given the platform’s power, addressing these two issues could make a critical difference in reducing the risk of misinformation-fueled chaos and violence before Inauguration Day.

Nothing to see here.

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