This Memorial Day-Navy Seal Texas Rep. Crenshaw vs Big Bucks Skateboarder Beto


Rep. Dan Crenshaw

At the beginning of this special weekend, failed senate/presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke denounced the gradual reopening of Texas’ economy. Beto, very short for Roberto, which is a tad long for Robert, started by mocking a tweet from Governor Greg Abbott.

The governor posted “Texas is Opening, Safe, Smart, and Strong”.  Roberto was apparently so excited to respond, he skipped adding a verb.  His “incomplete sentence” simply read “Dangerous, dumb and weak.”

To which, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw thoughtfully replied, “ What a condescending reaction. The guy who wanted to be Texas’s Senator truly believes Texans can’t make decisions for themselves and that they are ‘dumb and weak’ for living their lives and trying to feed their families.”

The decorated former Navy Seal continued, “And yes, he’s talking to all Texans, not just our governor,” Crenshaw added. “Governor Abbott can’t force anyone to go back to work. Texans are choosing to do that, despite what people like Beto scream from their ivory towers.”

Those well-chosen words must have hit a tender nerve with Robert Francis.  He accused the Purple Heart recipient of “getting rich selling his own book to the GOP (and being Trump’s most reliable enabler in the House)”.  Beto then called for people to donate to Rep. Crenshaw’s Dem opponent.

To which Dan tweeted, “Millionaires fundraising for millionaires.  All while telling middle-class Texans they’re “dumb and weak” for wanting to get back to work.  Help me fight back Beto and his far-left fundraising machine.  Please donate here.

Robert Francis O’Rourke 

That O’Rourke is so clueless as to raise money against a decorated veteran on Memorial Day shouldn’t surprise us.  After several run-ins with the law in the late 1990s, Robert Francis parlayed the great wealth of his parents and in-laws into a privileged life, where his greatest personal risk may have been skateboarding across the stage at a campaign rally.

Meanwhile Beto’s political “target” served 10 years as a Navy Seal,  which included 5 tours of duty in some of the most dangerous hell holes on the planet.  During a 3rd deployment Crenshaw lost his right eye and needed surgery to save the vision in his left eye.  He deployed twice more after that.

The future congressman was awarded 2 Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with valor.  Dan Crenshaw retired from military service in 2016  as a Lieutenant Commander.

Talk about “dumb and weak”.  Roberto O’Rourke got into a twitter fight with an articulate, intelligent, decorated Navy Seal on Memorial Day; getting the kind of results only Beto couldn’t see coming.  He got hammered.

On this day of remembrance, may God Bless all those who have served and continue to serve our great nation.

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