Thousands of Fake Nurses Bought Their Degrees


Nurses in Georgia are practicing with fake degrees. They found 22 so far. The nurses have 30 days to surrender their nursing licenses, but they haven’t so far. Audacious! It’s a nationwide scam and thousands hold these degrees and are licensed.

The nurses paid $15,000 for the degrees without going to school. Thousands NATIONWIDE bought the degrees and transcripts without doing any of the work. According to Action News 2, they bought them from three South Florida nursing schools.

Three of the nurses were working at the VA and were removed from patient care. Why are they there at all? The VA said, “the removal was very unfortunate.” Huh?

Whether they did any work online, we can’t say. Maybe they’re victims too, who knows?

The stunning aspect of this is THEY AREN’T VOLUNTARILY GIVING UP THEIR DEGREES. The licenses must be revoked, and they apparently need the FBI for that.

The scam is called Operation Nightengale and is under FBI investigation. Watch:

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