AFL’s Blockbuster Lawsuit to Prevent Surrender of US Sovereignty


In the final days of the Obama administration, globalist regulatory provisions that unlawfully allow HHS to invoke public health emergency powers based solely on decisions and direction by the WHO were surreptitiously slipped into the Code of Federal Regulations.

As Stephen Miller, President of American First Legal (AFL), said, it “is a serious violation of American Sovereignty.”

AFL’s filed a blockbuster lawsuit against Biden’s Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and Secretary Xavier Becerra to prevent the relinquishment of American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is working with AFL on this lawsuit.

When does this sell-out become treason? AFL’s case is extremely important. We owe Stephen Miller. He is one of the few heroes we have fighting for the United States.

The WHO works closely with Bill Gates, who is not a doctor. He’s merely a software thief. The WHO is closely allied with the UN and is not our friend. They’re currently facilitating illegal immigration.

The WHO is keeping the pandemic going. The WHO is pushing a Pandemic Treaty that would give Tedros and his toadies global power of when to declare a pandemic and responses. Joe Biden has shown his desire to sign it.

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