Thousands of Illegal Crossers Are Being Dropped Off in the Streets


According to the Wall Street Journal, thousands of illegal crossers have been dropped off in San Diego. These unvetted, anonymous people don’t know where they are, and they have no place to sleep.

The buses are driven by the US government. They are dropping the illegals off in communities all along the border.

Local shelters are hitting capacity, including a nearly thousand-bed shelter in San Diego that is typically adequate. But the numbers are increasing significantly.

There are so many that immigration agents are dropping people off on the streets, at bus stops, and in train stations, angering local officials and worrying aid groups.

In San Diego alone, approximately 7800 migrants have been released in the past two weeks. County officials called it a humanitarian crisis.

The people dropped off are almost all single men of fighting age. We don’t need to worry about them so much as ourselves.

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1 month ago

Even a casual observer now knows 
1) Epstein didnt kill himself, 
2) Mr Obama is a Marxist muslim Kenyan usurper, 
3) Open borders destroys a nation, 
4) President Trump won, 
5) Masks dont work, 
6) Fauci used our tax dollars for GOF research resulting in Covid, 
7) Covid came from the Wuhan lab funded by my tax dollar, 
8) Motor voter is illegal (or should be), 
9) Electronic voting machines are used by our DOJ to change elections in foreign countries too, 
10) The Biden Crime family is real and has taken millions from foreign adversaries for no apparent reason, 
11) It should be illegal to hide Mr Obamas publicly funded SECRET college work, 
12) The green new deal will bankrupt America, 
13) Sanctuary cities should be illegal, 
14) James Clapper and John Brennan – two admitted communists – conspired to pass off Mr Obamas forged birth certificates, SSN, and passport as real, 
15) The 51 signatories claiming Hunters laptop was Russian disinformation are ALL LIARS, 
16) Democrats want to kill babies – all the way up to birth, 
17) The DOJ was weaponized by Mr Obama against Republicans – half of America, 
18) Nazi Pelosi orchestrated Jan 6 – out of hatred for President Donald Trump, 
19) Benghazi and the cover-up was an international embarrassment designed by Mr Obama and Hiliar Clinton, 
20) The Clinton foundation is a scam, 
21) There is NO global warming/climate crisis, 
22) Our withdrawal from Iraq was an international embarrassment and a transfer of technology to a sworn enemy initiated by Mr Obama, 
23) The FCC is complicit in perpetuating hoaxes and propaganda by ALL broadcast news stations,  
24) The Associated Press and Reuters are known as propaganda machines and are no longer trusted by Americans – along with CDC, WHO, NIH, IRS, FBI, CIA, DOJ,  
25) Mandates are illegal (or should be in a free country), 
26) No sane person would give Iran $16B and permission to make nukes, 
27) Mr Obama still fails E-Verify,  
28) The war in Ukraine is another Biden crime family get rich quick scheme and an international embarrassment designed by Mr Obama,
29) Mrs Obama is really a Mr – and started the plague of child gender dysphoria,
30) Mr Obama is still running the deep state,
31) Biden is an international embarrassment installed by Mr Obama and the Deep State,
32) There is video evidence of Ray Epps inviting people into the Capitol, and President Trump asking people to be peaceful,
33) We need a better process for vetting US presidential candidates!!!

And I contend – these are just the tip of the iceberg

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

The systematic destruction o America is so carefully organised, we have to wonder who is the puppeteer. Is is one? Is it a hidden cabal? Is it the Chinese?
What are they really seeking to gain?

Save America
Save America
1 month ago

They want to destroy The United States of America and everything this great country represents.

1 month ago
Reply to  Save America

TO move forward with total globalist control. Of course to accomplish that they must rid the world of China, Putin, Trump and RFK, Jr.