Ukrainian President Zelensky Wants the West to Bomb Iran, Syria


According to a media report, a 47-page secret document was submitted to the G7 countries in August asking them for help in carrying out missile attacks on Iran and Syria.

According to the report by the British Guardian, dozens of electrical components manufactured by Western companies were found in Iranian drone models.

According to the document, Iran has already diversified drone production by using a Syrian factory that supplies to a Russian port.

As a countermeasure, Ukraine proposed the Western allies carry out missile strikes on the production facilities of these drones in Iran, Syria, and the facility in Russia. The document states: “The above measures can be carried out by Ukrainian armed forces if the partners provide the necessary means of destruction.”

Ukraine can’t even defeat Russia in their own country, and now they want to take on Syria and Iran with the West’s involvement. We need to ditch this war and Mr. Zelensky as soon as possible.

Ukraine, under Zelensky, is determined to start World War 3. Zelensky’s dangerous. The man they call George Washington is a former comic who played the piano with his very private part.

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