Three Children Ages 1, 6, and 9 — Rescued Near the Border


Mexican authorities rescued three young sisters from El Salvador, abandoned at the border.

The three young girls are one, six, and nine. They were discovered after the Mexican National Guard put out an alert Wednesday. Perhaps the children became separated from their parents.

This goes on continually, and sometimes they are found deceased. Parents sometimes send them alone with cartels to later gain entrée into the United States for themselves.

Biden and his administration are responsible for this human rights tragedy on our border. It’s child abuse.

Video footage was captured of the rescue, showing the nine-year-old carrying her infant sister and helping her six-year-old sibling into the boat.

We must start protecting these children.

The media reported it almost nonchalantly, unlike the reporting when Trump was president. They accused Donald Trump and the Border Patrol of murder.

From the video

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