Three Examples of Fake U.S. News in Honor of World Press Freedom Day


To celebrate World Press Freedom Day, we have chosen three of our favorite fake news stories from the mainstream media. There were countless numbers to choose from.

Our Job to Control the Facts

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel was an eyeopener as the hosts bemoaned the fact that Donald Trump is trying to control what people think when it’s their job.

Host Mika Brzezinski is concerned that President Trump is “trying to undermine the media,”  and have “his own set of facts”. Mostly, she’s afraid he wants to “actually control exactly what people think” when that’s “our job”. Joe Scarborough responded at one point saying that it puts Trump on par with Mussolini and Lenin.

It’s their job to act like Mussolini.

The Media’s Job Is to Oppose Donald Trump

The media’s job is to serve as the opposition to Donald Trump, according to the brother of the New York governor Andrew Cuomo. For those who thought media were supposed to be fair and balanced, think again guys! They are there to oppose Republicans.

Only the Media Can Read Wikileaks

During the election, CNN’s Cuomo also said that only the media is allowed to read and interpret the leaked Wikileaks emails.


  1. Oh come on people. We need to look at all media outlets and primary sources to get information. To claim certain media is “fake” because they report facts you do not like doesn’t make it fake. And please don’t sit there behind your computer and tell me Trump’s Twitter outbursts are truthful. The guy lies, lies, lies and claims media that is critical of him is “fake.” The media should be critical…that’s their job!

      • Ha ha can’t defend Trump’s lies so you call me a troll. I am simply stating fact: Trump calls news “fake” when it’s critical of him. Care to comment on that?

        • Can you go back to Daily Kos? 🙂 Every time I think of Trump’s failings, I think how horrible it would be if Hillary were President.

          • A president blatantly lying on a daily basis is a “failing”? No, it’s irresponsible and downright dangerous. Republicans should take him to task so that he is truthful. Trump has always been a loud mouth but now his words carry weight.

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