Three Fake Conspiracy Stories About Seth Rich for Tuesday August 1st


The Seth Rich story is a real story about a young man who was murdered in a seedy part of town in the middle of the night. He had just left Lou’s Bar when he was shot in what might have been a robbery. He worked for the DNC and the case has been kept hush-hush without explanation. Julian Assange of Wikileaks offered a hefty reward for information leading to the capture of his killer(s). We don’t know much more than that.

The stories today aren’t believable.

We have to be very careful checking these stories out. Everything can be faked and there are people on the web who put false stories out just to mess with people or make money. There are three, actually four, questionable stories about Seth Rich today. One of them was too ridiculous to discuss. Actually, they all sound ridiculous to us.

Big league Politics released an audio of investigative reporter Seymour Hersh discussing the death of Seth Rich and his alleged ties to Wikileaks.

Hersh claims he knows what was in the FBI report about Seth Rich’s death. According to him, Seth Rich contacted Wikileaks to give them the DNC emails.

It’s important to keep in mind that Hersh is more often wrong than right in his reporting. Personally, I don’t trust anything he says.

Hersh claims that Rich wanted money which doesn’t at all fit with Rich’s character and what people have said about him.

Julian Assange did retweet this so if you think Assange is telling us something, that might add some credibility to the story.

The photo that ties Imran Awan to Seth Rich

This next one was easily debunked.

There is a photo going around, the photo above, that was posted on 4CHAN. It’s a photo of Seth Rich in a bar, allegedly with Imran Awan, Wasserman-Schultz’s IT tech. The claim is that it was taken the night he died.

First of all, the photo was taken in April 2015 and it’s on his legacy Facebook page. It’s dated. Secondly, the man they think is Imran doesn’t look like Imran at all and he turns up in another photo on the legacy page. He’s a friend.  It’s just another 4CHAN fake that people are falling for.

Rod Wheeler sues Fox for misquoting him, indicts the President

Also in today’s news, investigator and Fox News commentator Rod Wheeler is suing Fox News claiming the stories he told about Seth Rich were misquoted by Fox in collaboration with Donald Trump.

He’s also claiming racism at Fox. Wheeler is black.

The problem with anything Wheeler says is he continually changes his stories and has done so long before this lawsuit.

Fox, Hannity and the President deny the story.

Ed Butowksy is named in the suit and calls it BS, clears the President.

Wheeler admits that he went to Fox. They didn’t go to him. This next audio comes from Big League Politics and was taped by an anonymous source. Wheeler doesn’t mention the White House in it as he explains what he says went down with Fox News.

It sounds more like Wheeler has problems with Fox’s Malia Zimmerman who does not operate that way. Wheeler is trying to restore his reputation and monetize it at all he expense of others.

Listen to the story he was telling before his lawsuit. No one told him what to say here.

There was another fake Russia-Seth story on Infowars that was discussed by Tracy Beanz but it’s not worth writing about it’s so absurd.


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