Tim Pool’s Live Coverage of Berkeley! Demented People Ranting Incoherently


A Jewish conservative needs $600,000 worth of security but traitor Chelsea Manning is teaching at Harvard and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was allowed to teach at the University of Chicago for thirty years.

Conservative Jewish commenter Ben Shapiro will speak shortly in Berkeley as police and businesses brace for possible violence from Antifa. There are armored vehicles riding up and down the street.

The event has brought out lunatics calling the Jewish writer a Nazi. The most absurd comments are coming from Tariq Nasheed.

Tariq Nasheed, a leftist film producer and radio personality, thinks Ben Shapiro is a fake Jew. His tweet: “Suspected white supremacist Ben Shapiro, who tries to mask his racist rhetoric by claiming to be jewish, is in Berkeley now .”

Kelly’s response was funny but Tariq is serious and demented.

They don’t even know who the hay Ben Shapiro is but they know they hate him.

The woman in this next clip is screaming about Berkeley being the birthplace of free speech [which is provably untrue] as she protests free speech.

Fox is live streaming inside.

Independent journalist Tim Pool is also live streaming outside.

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